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A Walk with Paper, 2023

A two-part exploration in search of slowness, quiet & balance. 

Featuring works from the artist’s MFA Final Major Project at Falmouth University, UK.

Part I: Indoor Exhibit - Daylight Studio, Toronto, June 2023
Part II: Outdoor Walk with The Artist  - David Balfour Park Trail, Toronto, July 2023


This project consists of a new body of work based upon the artist’s research in hand papermaking and in walking as a form of contemplation. Her work reveals their interconnectedness to counter the frenetic pace of the digitized age, where faster and louder is often deemed better.  Held as separate but conceptually intertwined events, the indoor event invites the audience to consider paper’s materiality as an antidote to the countless hours many of us spend in front of screens.  The second part references and is informed by contemporary artists such as Hamish Fulton, Richard Long and Francis Alys where walking serves as an integral part of their work. Set in the outdoors on a wooded trail within the city, the artist shared her daily walking practice, an integral part of her process. Both outcomes invite the audience to slow down with the goal of attuning to their bodies and surroundings. 

Additionally, Lam created a short film (link below) shown at the exhibit that captures the mediative process of hand papermaking.

A short film (8mins) "Calming the Agitated" part of the indoor exhibit. 
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